Welcome to Wine Maestro, where great wine and the best craft beers are our chosen profession, not just a job.  Our mission is to provide knowledgeable, attentive, and comfortable service to all of our customers, be  they neophyte or experienced collector.  At Wine Maestro, we are constantly searching for the best wine values available from around the world at all price points.  We never "sticker" wine- the practice of having bulk  juice bottled and then putting a "special" retail label on the bottle.  The result is we never have an agenda to steer our customers towards  high margin proprietary "house" wines.  We seek the best without limits. Jamie Venable




FRIDAY MAY 29 5pm-8pm $15


(The Secret of  The Black Chicken)

For over seventy years beginning in 1937 the Biale family has grown Zinfandel and a variety of produce on their farm located on the outskirts of the town of Napa. A large population of white leghorn chickens once produced a steady supply of eggs that a young Aldo Biale regularly delivered around town to customers. Most of the Zinfandel grapes were sold to Napa wineries but some grapes were reserved so Aldo could make homemade wine for family and relatives. In 1953 Aldo met his future wife Clementina while on a trip to Italy where his mother, Christina was from. Aldo and Clementina were soon married and began raising their family in Napa in 1954.

Along with the eggs and produce, a teenaged Aldo began discreetly selling his homemade wine to a few wine-loving Napans. Because his rural home phone was a “party line” frequented by nosy eavesdroppers, enterprising Aldo used a code name whereby his customers could order wine without the risk of revealing his secret Zinfandel operation. Thus “Black Chicken” was born – the nickname for a jug of homemade wine from young Aldo’s barrels hidden in the barn.

Join us Friday for a tasting of 5 great wines!


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